A man once said, what magazine you buy reflects who you are as a person. True or false? Editorial strategy certainly attracts a certain type of person to a certain type of magazine but after much debate with others in the industry I feel safe maybe even sheltered in my own opinion.

Bjork poses for i-D's May 07 cover

Since I was a mere naive boy back in college sporting multicoloured clothing and oversized necklaces (yes it is certainly a time I try to black out) I was always an avid follower of i-D magazine and its content. From a shockingly sexy Kate Moss on an eight page spread to Devon Aoki as the cover star of the ice cream issue. From vanilla to strawberry i-D has always given me a good insightful read, if not humorous at times. I-D magazine has grown to such a height that the logo is recognisable in many parts of the world from the West coast of the US to the eastern European villages in a wintry Russia, yet the view still remains that many would rather been seen with the magazine closed and under their arm than actually taking a keen interest in what’s between cover and back. This is an opinion I myself refuse to even take on board.

It is no secret that beloved i-D’s paper has decreased in quality recently and the price, consequently increased. Circulation is dropping across the magazine world and everyone as a result is suffering. However loyal readers who are more than willing to part themselves of five english pounds to help support a publication they adore so dearly should never be questioned.

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