Facebook groups as a whole, have without a doubt taken off like a rocket to the sky, and not a beautiful rocket either. A horrid, mouldy, last season rocket covered in snardy remarks, obscene attacks and pointless banter. It was whilst staring aimlessly into the depth of these groups that I stumbled across a campaign-like group slating men wearing Ugg boots. Naturally I was disgusted.

Ugg boots were originally made for men

It may come as a surprise to many that Ugg boots were, in fact, originally created for men. The sheep skin warmth was a man’s world, not, a woman’s. The boots however took off many years ago as women’s shoe wear and sales sky rocketed. However this rocket, was much more of a stolen one.

Today’s world is a dominantly metro-sexual environment. I myself, don’t flaunt Ugg boot’s. I much prefer swaggering around Carnaby Street with my patent, buckled (possibly fetish like) 22 boots, but who’s to tell a man what is and is not acceptable.  With the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio sporting a pair surely this 21st century boot-y call is acceptable in today’s world.

With forward thinking morals, (and an eye for men in sheepskin) Fashion and So Much More is certainly flying the flag for men in Uggs.