The music industry, the fashion industry, the gay community and well, just about any industry or community you can think of has been left baffled, by one of this years most anticipated music videos, as it hit the internet yesterday.

GaGa, above, wrapped in Police Crime Scene tape

Lady GaGa’s Telephone video premier was broadcast last night on E, and has since, spread like wild fire around the internet. The video, featuring Beyoncé (how could I forget) features almost everything from, erotic lesbianism, to sandwich making all mixed together with an incredibly sordid 70’s pop art twist. GaGa herself reaches fashions edge as she delves in and out of a miraculous number of different outfits. From being draped in chains accompanied by a pair of sunglasses made (almost) completely from cigarettes to a leopard print jumpsuit alongside a military inspired hat to match.

The video, none the less, has an incredibly feminist feel. GaGa is seen, during the video, to be representing that of a house wife pouring poison into all the food in a 80’s inspired television commercial. The headpiece GaGa showcases whilst in the kitchen, resembles that of a jagged, sharply cut telephone in bright blue.

Gaga lesbian kiss in new video

The video hit (and very hard too) the peak in resembling something very much influenced by “high art” as well as high fashion. Influences where clearly pulled from all directions as a punk-like, feel was incorporated into the video with Lady GaGa sporting a leather studded jacket featuring the word “Doom” stitched within (not to forget the Chanel glasses in case you missed those beauties).  Beyoncé fans are likely to be in shock too, as we see the diva of R&B/Hip-Hop in an almost armour-esk inspired blue jacket with detail to the shoulders, as they are draped in gold chains and jewels. (She doesn’t look so ferocious this time round).

The energy put into the Telephone video, is without doubt proved. And in this case, seeing is truly believing, if you’re eyes can cope.