It has been three days since my last post, and for that I can only apologise however the past few days has been an incredibly busy time for the fashion world. This week was a scorning reminder of such a great loss to the fashion world with quite possibly the most anticipated showcase of a particular designers final work.

McQueen's piece, above, A/W collection 10

Paris Fashion Week saw the very private presentation of Alexander McQueen’s final pieces, which were unfinished at the time of his death. Designers working alongside McQueen produced a complete design very much representing his elegant, and extravagant trend in design.

McQueen's detail to embroidery was demonstrated

The show, demonstrated by seven individual models, saw a breathtaking collection inspired by paintings of the old masters. Detail to embroidery was impeccable with a gold and black colour palette striking out from amongst the rest. The designs very much encapsulated the period of which McQueen had based his idea around, as he (and the team behind him of course) showcased something which, to any viewer, captured the elegance and sophistication of the higher classes.

Thicker materials were used in McQueens design for this A/W10 collection as he experimented with folding the materials to create bolder and more ridged pieces. The collection (as sad as it is to hear) will not be on sale, however will be available on loan to a select few. The world of fashion has had one of it’s most inspirational designers taken away however this collection screams out just how much his work is very much alive.