The talents behind many high end fashion designers can without doubt become watered down through counterfeit replications and in some cases (as I stumbled across today) high street remakes. What a catastrophe!

H&M Jacket above

Chanel, to many, is known as one of the most talented designers in haute couture. The design has been at the heart of European fashion (evolving from the beautiful streets of Paris) for many a year, producing an array of beautifully designed garments, with impeccable precision in sewing and tailoring. Yet today has shown just how much power the high street has. Mainstream giant H&M have (as I saw for the first time today) started stocking an array of clothing almost identical to that of Chanel (yet perhaps not entirely the same). The Jacket, part of the stores spring collection, is a striking cream with black cuffs and a black hem  line. The piece itself stood on a railing of over 10, all identical. The only striking thing about this design was probably how mass produced the product now is, tainting the entire use of the word “haute cotoure”, french for “high sewing”.

Chanel, Haute Couture

Sadly, remakes are not an all too distant memory. Burberry, a high end fashion label, was particularly over shadowed with the mass produced trademark tartan print on counterfeit scarf’s over the years. The design, although not related officially to Chanel, has to some felt that buying the pieces to create an outfit is somewhat of a “tribute to the deceased designer”. High end fashion is not affordable to all (including myself) and that alone is what separates the designs from high street merchandise. If it is a tribute you intend to portrait perhaps it is best to stick with the Chanel house rather than this Swedish store giant.