A little off from shore along the Brighton beach front. Away from pebbles, tourist cameras and a towering overcast of grey. Further down the lively streets in mid summer, across a small green and directly towards the midday sun lies the end of the rainbow.

Red Mutha - Jacket above

For some Red Mutha holds the pot of gold people have been searching for. Brighton’s very own Holy Grail when it comes to the spectacular colours independent fashion design has to offer. From military jackets, with an eye catching edge, pieces purchased from the store need no label. The design speaks for itself as Red Mutha kindly talked about everything from rebelling against M&S to skidmarks (she means Primark).

“We do love colour! The mistake many make in fashion is that people are too scared to wear colour,offer them it and they will go for it.We do attract people to the shop through the colourful window displays,they are like moths towards the light when they see us! I have always loved colour, my mum tried to dress me up in horrid m&s brown,green sludge colours of the 70s,this is my rebellion!”

Red Mutha Jacket stocked in NYC

Red Mutha and her store are, and should forever be, credited on their involvement in aspiring young designers. Their interaction and stock collaborate all talents from a wide range of aspiring designers following one simple rule. The fact there are no rules. Their sense of design steps away from commercial high street brands, delving into the realms of imagination and youth. Fashion for the sake of happiness.

“We are always talking with and quite often stocking young designers work. I love the freshness of their work and their lack of a jaded sense of the fashion industry. I always tell them to be true to themselves and dont go into it to make money.”  Passion and a positive outlook on the world screams through Red Mutha’s store proving that independent fashion design can stand strong against the high street, through and through.