Colour is in the air and with the arrival of the Spring sunshine it’s time we talk accessories. Watches to be precise. Swatches to be really precise.

Swatch Colour Codes

This week has left top glossy magazine offices throwing daggers at one another from afar. Fancy your I-D magazine? Dizzy for Dazed & Confused? Or simply strutting to and from in your Nylon? Take cover as we see a destructive, yet stylish, clash of the titans in a campaign to re-set the 80’s inspired trend. Among the fiery contestants are Nylon Magazine, Dazed, I-D, V Magazine, Wallpaper, Pop and finally, Another Magazine. The creativity has been flying and all publications have come up with a way of advertising the Swatch Collection, making block colour once again, fashionable.

Swatch Campaign by I-D Magazine

The range consists of  a variety of colours, (all the colours under the rainbow really). The “Colour Codes” collection pulls further away from the more ornamental conservative range, re-inventing a striking 80’s inspired trend. The colour code sparks thoughts of matching your identity with a colour to make it your own, collaborating personality with colour. (I never realised a watch could do such a thing). The trend is set to bring colour coding straight back into the spotlight for spring. Fancy a Swatch yourself? Well now you can as Swatch give us (as the blogger I am not exempt from this) the chance to win a swatch of our very own. Simply vote for your favourite magazine shoot and if your publication wins, you may just be lucky enough to be ahead of all the kids this spring. Get voting fanatics, and watch the magazines clash.