Thanks to my ever so cheeky networking skills (perhaps I can’t take all the credit) last night saw the magazine launch party for Coitus at Punk in London’s dark streets of Soho, which I was lucky enough to crash. Networking a room really is under rated. From an incredibly generous and stunning Celine Hiscpiche from the band Night Wreckacge I bagged myself a shining Elizabeth broach, yet my eyes and ears were quickly turned to a beautiful young lady sporting an old piece by House of Holland.

House of Holland A/W Collection 2010

I’ve always been a fan of Henry Holland’s work. This years London Fashion Week saw the House of Holland

A/W 2010 range showcasing a diversity in design. Textural layering and horizontal lines were certainly a big trend during Holland’s show, as well as a large correlation in using a black and white palette which was very striking to the eye. However (going back down memory lane) Holland’s first Autumn/Winter collection back in 2007 saw the introduction of his slogan t-shirt range with phrases such as “Flick yer bean for Agyness Deyn”. The design used a neutral block colour as the background in order to highlight the slogan itself, usually in a bright florescent highlight. Now, as part of his A/W 2010 collection we see a familiar pattern taken (not quite exactly the same) through the use of abbreviations such as “D.F.W” – Down

H.O.H New Season T-Shirts

For Whatever.

I for one, am (and always have been) a great fan of Holland’s work, he shows an edgy take in making fashion brighter and introducing a sense of humour to the industry yet these types of design, to me, just don’t showcase his talent in a way in which I would appreciate enough to purchase. Holland’s work has certainly been something that has been a pleasure observing grow over the past few years, yet these abbreviated slogans just demonstrate an abbreviation of his work. To put it bluntly these designs can K.M.T. Kiss my teeth.