It is with great regret I can officially announce London Fashion Week is at an end (for a short time at least). The menswear ranges shown especially today marked the end of the A/W collections at another hugely inspirational fashion week, within the heart of the Fashion capital.

James Long A/W Collection LFW 2010

Today saw the NEWGEN menswear showcase the catwalk at LFW. Christopher Shannon and James Long both sported their ranges to an anticipated audience who were left best pleased. Whilst Shannon’s pieces followed a more casual sports feel, with some items firmly sticking to a loud yet modern white and black colour scheme, James Long’s range was a collaboration of both casual and sophistication. Models wore

James Long, London Fashion Week A/W Collection 2010

intensely layered fabrics consisting of both leather and thick winter warming knit wear. James Long also showed off his naturally beautiful male bag collection as models flaunted them over the shoulder down the catwalk.  Naturally I always get a little more excited about the menswear range. (Mainly because I picture myself in it throughout).

One model demonstrated an individual piece resembling that of a red and purple boiler suit accompanied by fingerless gloves. (Talking of which) Long also collaborated his outfits with blue leather gloves, giving the overall outfit a much more sophisticated and mature look. Today also saw the Topman Design close menswear day on the catwalk with a various collaboration of large faux fur jackets and coats with large buttons and emphasised collars, similar (but in no case identical) to the Burberry collection celebrating jackets and coats throughout the ages. (Not to mention the naturally gorgeous models).