Sunday night was an exciting day for any Fashion fixated fanatic. We were graced with the likes of House of Holland, Unique (antlers and all) as well as a quirky and typically colourful range by Cassette Playa. Yet one futuristic collection is set to make every cool kid in London itch in their boots. 

Todd Lynn's hunting inspired fashion range


Todd Lynn‘s Autumn/Winter collection certainly took the spotlight with the designers futuristic, sharply shaped style. Lynn’s collection was based on hunting with the ladies in a sophisticated brown (now there is such a thing) sporting high ankle boots. The always eye pleasing males sported Louboutin Guerriere boots running all the way from the foot to the knee with white lacing. These 21st Century pieces took incredibly bulky, strikingly sharp shapes with exaggerated shoulders and large fur gullets. Controversial? 

Todd Lynn A/W collection fur gullet


Todd Lynn’s collection was, without a doubt, incredible. Whilst watching the live show stream from London Fashion Week Live I couldn’t help but itch in my seat with pure frustration and anticipation. (I am yet to buy anything, but good things come to those who wait). The design was completely admirable however the fur was possibly something I could have done without. The fur pieces flaunted on that catwalk were without a doubt gorgeous, yet the beauty behind them was simply down to the fur itself. Not the way in which it was strung around the neck of a model. Is fur in this day and age (or has it ever been) completely necessary to the fashion world? Without sounding ever so cliché no-one can deny that newly produced fur is murder and that somehow the concept of wearing an animal for fashions sake is hardly acknowledging the designers talent. For many (and especially myself) the talent lies with materials and ideas. The combination of the two is something that will always emphasise the artistic abilities of what a designer can produce. With materials, not the skin of an animal.