It brings me great shame this evening to reveal the fact I am not sat in the front row of Sass & Bide’s showcase during the very first day (officially) of London Fashion Week. However that is most certainly not to say I didn’t manage to view the range from right here in my own sitting room. The British Fashion Council has, for the first time, given us students (a generalising statement for anyone who can’t spare £100+ for a standard back seat ticket) the chance to watch some select designers ranges live via the internet, including Burberry who will stream their showcase live in 3D on Tuesday. Hail to the Gods of technology.

Sarah Brown opens London Fashion Week

LFW was officially opened today by none other than the Lady of Downing Street, Sarah Brown. In recent months (and we wont get too heavy on a topic as stomach turning as politics) we have seen a relationship build with Mrs Brown and the Fashion World. Her keen and eager (perhaps not always dangerous) style choices has made glimpsing through the BBC News broadcasts a little more bearable (still torturous as they can be). She wore a Erdem Moralioglu piece to kick start the shows of LFW. But who is behind the majority of the outfits that give Mrs Brown such a profile in connection to the fashion world? Britt Lintner, mother of 2 and self admitted business woman (yes she can apparently juggle the two) has been the hidden craftswomen when it comes to range of clothing sported by the Lady of number 10. In a recent interview Ms Lintner admits “staying clear of colour”. As a woman based around dressing women for the workplace I would adore the thought of her stirring the world of

Sass & Bide showcased their A/W collection today

fashion in the workplace up a bit (Perhaps steering a little more into the depths of colour…by actually using some). However Britt Lintner is well and truly following (on a majority scale at least) the tones of greys and blacks. It blows my mind…really it does. Black is certainly a trend set firmly into the heart of this weeks Fashion shows delving into the realms of the black and white pallet so Miss Lintner is certainly on trend, for now at least.

With the recent news of Politicians greedily trying to snap up front row seats at the most anticipated shows this weekend the question arising in the back of my brain is blunt. Is there anything they wont interfere in? With Mrs Brown’s tribute to young and aspiring fashion designers in Britain today I am more than proud to say she is a lady of politics welcome to the Fashion industry. But as for the rest of them, well they can just stay the hell away.