Last night showcased the most exciting night for British music and I for one was naturally looking forward to one specific person showing their face. A fashion genius in all aspects of life. The beautiful and outrageous Alan Carr… (Perhaps what I meant to say was Gaga).

Lady GaGa storms the red carpet in white

This show stealing manikin draped in white paid tribute to beloved British Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen with a vocal piece accompanied by the piano. The performance was moving to say the least and GaGa, said to be in mourning, has certainly shown that white is a new alternative in the face of death. The singers mask was also completely white and resembled that of a lace flower print hanging elegantly from her cheeks. This was accompanied by a larger than life hair piece, acting as a centre point to the singers outfit, climbing up and onwards in endless amounts of curls and waves.

The beauty and talent put into this piece can not be easily ignored however it would be far too difficult for me to ignore the sad flaw to such a marvellous design. Photo’s today began circulating of incidents during the singers emotional performance when she accidentally bared a little more than her second skin (the truth hurts). GaGa’s “gaga” decided to make a few awkward appearances on stage which even the smoke screens couldn’t disguise.

GaGa claimed a total of 3 Brit awards (well deserved) and Designer Tom Ford also made a guest appearance to announce Florence & The Machine British Best Album.