When you’re hugely successful, leaking money from your ears and have one too many minutes left over at the end of your day why is it celebrities seem to just sit down with a cup of tea (or a latte) and decide it would be a superb idea to shame the fashion industry by releasing their own clothing line.  We’ve seen this path taken from celebrities such as Lily Allen, Jessica Simpson as well as Kate Moss (at least she was involved in the fashion world from a young age) and now light begins to slowly shed over the Queen of Pop. Madonna is apparently currently in talks with designers to launch a label which will include womenswear, accessories and lingerie (sorry guys we fall short of her expertise here). 

The Queen of Pop shows off her thighs


My question to the universe today is simple. When reading up on great British Fashion Designers such as Aitor Throup, Carri Mundane (Cassette Playa), and my favourite as you’ll know by now, Gareth Pugh, is a degree in Fashion design not a little more worthy of recognition than a rushed and ill focused piece overlooked by a celebrity? Of course I understand that people such as Lily Allen and Madonna (if you can put them in the same category) have raw talents in the music industry. But since when did they graduate with a degree in Fashion? If the world of celebrity opens up every possible career prospect for you, even careers you know nothing about, perhaps my new ambition in life should be to become famous instead. Stick to the singing Madonna, you are fabulous at 50 but god forbid your label leaves me witnessing 60 year olds trying to flaunt a piece more suitable for that of a 20-year-old.