They say the devil is truly a master of disguise, a shape shifter and even a charmer. Never have I heard the Devil struts around the office in Jimmy Choo heels sporting a delicate Yves Saint Laurent piece for all to kneel to. Even her forked tongue demonstrates some delicately tailored handy work.

Hell hath no fury like the Editor of Vogue

For years Vogue has been labelled the ‘Fashion Bible’ even a necessity for those with any interest in the empire to which Anna Wintour is Queen, and with Channel 4 showcasing The September Issue for the very first time the question the audience is left with is simple. Is Ms Wintour truly as cruel and as heartless as we are all lead to believe? With great satisfaction it is safe to assume the answer is most certainly a yes. Sitting glued to the television whilst watching interns crawl under their desks at the mere mention that Anna is in the building is to some extent hilarious, yet it goes without saying sends shivers down the spine of any aspiring Fashion Journalist who would very much like to avoid a nervous breakdown during their early twenties.

Ms Wintour does, of course, deserve credit for the job she does. She does it well and she does it ruthlessly she also cuts off some heads along the way. Even the cameraman burdened with the task of delving into her life was told by Ms Wintour herself to shift a few pounds. So it would appear even guests temporarily involved in the fashion world are not free from the skinny obsessive, youth infatuated personalities they meet along the way. With fashion consumed individuals from around the world trying to shrug off the cliché the fashion industry has been so severely branded with Anna Wintour certainly does the majority of us no favours.