Life in some respects takes such a similar pattern to that of  the fashion world. One minute you’re in, working alongside designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney (as dull as she is) and even the impeccable Gareth Pugh. However the sad truth is that as long as a reputation takes to build and mould, the very foundations on which a person stabilises themselves can crack and collapse at the blink of an eye.

The Fashion world this week will surely be in terrible mourning over the devastating and heart breaking news that one of the most beloved and talented designers, Alexander McQueen, felt the need to take his own life and with it, his talent. Picking up a copy of The London Evening Standard and quickly sharing the news with my close set of fashion fiends one topic continued to crop up. With all that talent, wealth and fame even glamour, having your name conquer every Fashion runway around the world, happiness is something even the best of the best struggle to find.

With the death of McQueen’s mother a mere week before his suicide surely the reasons behind this horrid event become a little more clear and even understandable to the world. What must be remembered is how this man revolutionised the Fashion industry with collections from his own label such as “Nihilism” and “Highland Rape” and his understanding that in order to modernise and manipulate textures and materials you must first understand and respect the traditional methods in which they originate. Through such a tragedy and loss, inspiration and beauty has surely been left behind. Fearless fashion truly defines Alexander McQueen.